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1990  Mary Sanders
1992  Faye Marles
1997  Marianne Cunneen
1998  Clyde Harrison
1999  Rob Lawson
2001  Roger Jarmyn
2003  Shane Cunneen
2004  Robert Lightfoot
2004  Ashley Mason
2006  Kay Jarmyn
2007  Chris Rowett
2008  Tom Gibbs
2009  Dave Reichelt
2010  Richard Mason
2011  Haydn Marles
2012  Kym-Lea Angas
2012  Tammy Marles
2012  Felicity Turner
2012  Rosie Riechelt
2012  Louise Sanders
2013  Jim Fisher
2014  Emma Simmons
2015  Duncan Reid
2015  Angela Mason
2016  Henry Angas
2017 Kurt Schaefer
2017 Will Angas
Kurt has had a significant involvement with junior football over recent seasons and this year took on the job as Under 15s Team Manager following on from the U13s last year. Kurt has had the unenviable job of ensuring the team sheet is right each game and not knowing how many players would turn up, and what permit players he could use has made it a hard task. After the game and collecting the guerseys to be washed he'd head off to help in Frog's Bar till the last stragglers called it a night. His expertise as a plumber has been called on regularly and he has contributed professionally to the new changeroom facility.

Will is the youngest person to be awarded Club Person of the Year and we all thank him for his part in making the new changerooms happen and be finished in time for the opening game of 2017. Throughout the off season Will would finish work then head to the Club to pick up his tools again completing the interior carpentry. The entire RMFL is grateful to him for making it happen and enabling everyone to enjoy the new facility. Will is an A Grade player but can often be seen running water for other teams. And his talents don't stop at carpentry with him being a member of MFC's favourite live band.