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The Meningie Football Club is the oldest club in the River Murray Football League. The first recorded information on the Meningie Football Club was in 1898, however it is assured that the club was formed well before that date.
    In 1955 the Meningie Lakesiders joined the RMFL and changed their colours to maroon and gold.
Meningie fielded A and B grade sides only until 1962 when a senior colts team was added. In 1963 a junior colts team was entered in the competition.
    In 1996 The Lakesiders changed their identity to become the Meningie Bears and the team colours were changed to maroon, gold and white which are still current today.
   Despite its long history there has only been 3 League Premiership victories. The first being in 1954 prior to the RMFL and then in 2001 and again in 2014.