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2017  HSF Angas
2017  HJ Marles
HENRY ANGAS & HAYDN MARLES both joined the elite list of Life Members at the 2017 Presentation Dinner.

Henry is a past player, junior team coach, club president, water boy & goal umpire. He's a current committee member and Football Director, and was the Project Manager of the new community gym and MFC changeroom facility. Indeed, the building would not exist without Henry's tireless effort over many years to make it happen. He's been involved since the idea was conceived and has created the business plan to see its inception. He was hands-on in the building providing equipment, expertise and labour. Henry has also been a major contributor to the Cropping and Cattle Clubs raising significant funds for the club. Thank you Henry!

Haydn has been an active committee member since 1998. He has had a strong involvement with the junior teams coaching and team managing the colts for a number of years. This is one of the toughest jobs within the club and is a huge credit to Haydn that despite such low junior player numbers the MFC has fielded a team each week. He's also had a significant role in the development of infrastructure within the club including the scoreboard and the gate keepers box. Haydn joins both his parents and his brother on the Life Membership Honour Board. Whether is cooking the barbie or putting up the marquee Haydn steps up to the job. Thank you Haydn!